Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's the Little Things in Life!

My sweet readers, I am so sorry that I have not been blogging lately.  One day I wil write more about these last few months… but for now the heart is still too raw.  We are all okay, my darling husband is still the love of my life, and the children are growing and healthy. 


Tonight though, I cannot stop smiling about some of the accomplishments our little men have made.  To many of you reading this, you will think it is menial.  For my husband and I, we have learned to count our blessings- big and small. 


For all you mamas and daddies out there with preemie babies or babies with developmental delays you know to appreciate every accomplishment.  Our baby bee goes to therapy 3 times a week. Due to his life threatening food allergies, his rewards for doing a good job during his session is often times stickers.  Stickers are stuck on our clothes, on the couch, on the floor, and on the now ruined, side table.  Stickers are everywhere!


So the other day I quickly wrote his name on a piece of paper and placed it on the wall and said, “Baby put all your good boy stickers here, ok?” I then had to rush out the door for work. I was not able to go through my normal show him once, role-play, then let him try it independently routine.   I left knowing it would need to be reinforced, but feeling content that a tiny seed had been planted.


I came home to this 8x10 paper filled with stickers!!!  New stickers from today’s therapy were on the paper…along with every single sticker he could find and peel from other surfaces around the house. I was amazed!!!  I asked my sweetheart if he had showed him how to do it.  My honey smiled a huge smile and said, “No!  After you left he started doing it on his own!”  

Playing with another sticker before putting on his paper!  I love capturing their silly moments!


Our tiny little Bee is showing so much comprehension these days.  We seem to only need to talk to him once and he understands so much more.

So tinight, we smile about this amazing milestone, we count this as one more miraculous blessing, and we then pray for his ability to articulate his own thoughts and feelings soon.  Feeling very blessed, indeed!