Thursday, February 21, 2013

Its been TWO MONTHS!!!

It has been officially TWO WHOLE MONTHS without antibiotics or steroids in our home!  While I understand that two months may not seem like something to celebrate for some, for our beautiful boys we are beaming with happiness! 


Our precious little dragon trainer and busy bee were very, very busy playing over the weekend and celebrating their in-between-birthdays party. They played outside with their friends all day.  Sadly, we always know with our oldest child that allowing him a day outside will often be followed by a week or possibly two weeks on steroids, nebulizer treatments, antibiotics, hot teas, Vics on his feet, and even moodiness from the medications.


So, WHY (!!!!?!?!?!?!!!!) do we allow him to play outside?


Can you even imagine an existence of not being able to play outside in this amazing world?  Can you imagine not being able to share with your child the wonder of a small caterpillar climbing a mighty oak and telling them the secret of how they become a beautiful butterfly?  Can you imagine not sharing the squeal of excitement when it is raining outside and their rain boots slosh through the puddles?  Or never be able to share the beauty and promise of God’s gift of a vibrant rainbow?  Can you fathom a childhood looking from the window and only knowing the outside world from within?  I cannot imagine it.  Trying to think about it makes me feel claustrophobic and deeply sad.


Playing outside is normal.  I would even argue it is vital to enhance your health.  Sadly, our brave little dragon trainer is allergic to oak, pine, and other trees…. therefore we deal with asthmatic issues after some time in the great outdoors.  I have mentioned this previously as well; it is a very difficult balancing act trying to raise medically fragile children.  My motherly instinct is to protect their physical well being- period.  Yet, there is a beautiful, blossoming little spirit that has to be nurtured as well.  This little personality is equally important to my children’s well being. 


So, we allow it, we encourage it, and we accept that there are times when a breathing treatment afterwards is necessary.  Sadly, we also know that it could lead to antibiotics or steroids as well. 


I just pray that while I am trying to nurture that growing personality, the pollen count is not too high, and the mean fire ants do not come out to play.


Tonight I celebrate two whole months without antibiotics.  I am ever so grateful that we did not encounter any fire ants.  I am thankful I was able to see my little guys’ souls dance with happiness and their eyes glitter with a pure joy that can only be captured in a moment of sheer delight in playing outdoors with your best friends!


  1. That is spectacular!!! I also have a little one with severe allergies and asthma. Every little stretch from the old "record" without steroids bursts and antibiotics is a win to celebrate!

    1. Kendra- Thanks so much for you comment! It is such a challenge sometimes keeping the delicate balance of their emotional needs and physical needs in check. Two months has definately been one of the longest stretches I can remember! Thanks for the support! Please, reach out if you ever have a need!