Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You know you are an allergy parent when…

  • You wake up every morning praying that God looks over your children’s health and keeps them safe all day and thanking Him for watching over them throughout the night.

  • You learn to cook in bulk and freeze delicious cakes, cookies, pancakes, etc that are free of all of your children’s unsafe foods
  • You classify foods as “safe” and “unsafe”
  • You wash down every table, seat, and surface area that may possibly be contaminated with other children’s foods and leave the place cleaner than you found it

  • You are aware of and react to every new bump or red mark on your little one’s body
  • You are ready to pounce like a ninja at anyone that looks like they are about to feed your little one food
  • You find yourself bewildered that you have to fight so many in society for your children’s safety
  • You patiently explain food allergies, anaphylaxis, and epi pens to anyone who shows interest in your children’s needs in hope of planting a seed of compassion
  • You are overwhelmed with gratitude and moved to tears when a friend calls you up and asks you how they can make a party 100% inclusive for your children
  • You secretly cry when a family member openly says they cannot really be involved in your children’s lives because they cannot handle the responsibility of keeping them safe
  • You hold your breathe when the phone rings and they are not right beside you
  • You will not leave them in anyone else’s care to drive more than an hour away…just in case
  • You feel hurt and anger at knowing your children are purposely not asked to birthday parties because either the parents do not want to deal with "those allergy parents" or they are too fearful of taking on the responsibility of your children
  • You happily celebrate (and maybe wipe away a tear or two) with your children the first time they can eat cupcakes in a bakery (thank you Babycakes NYC)
  • You say, “it’s only vomiting and diarrhea… it’s not that bad!  They will be ok!” and are honestly grateful there are no hives, wheezing, or loss of consciousness to accompany it!
  • You have held your child close as they cry on your shoulders about yet another unfair event and you are able to remain strong and positive for them…only to sob once they have gone to bed
  • You feel angry that EVERYTHING in life seems to revolve around food- it is at school, parks, amusement parks, stores, even your local neighborhood pool.
  • You do not (ever) leave the house without at least 2 epipens (for each child), inhalers, benedryl, ointments for itchiness, safe sunscreen, sanitizing wipes, and safe snacks…oh yes, and the keys!
  • You hear your little one’s voice ask if their little brother will die when he sees him react to a food play in your mind over and over again
  • You learn to decorate cakes
  • You swallow your anxiety in order to have everyone around you not chastise you for being ridiculous and over the top
  • You learn to appreciate the little things
  • You attend major hospitals for your children's medical needs and you know to appreciate that they "just have food allergies and asthma"
  • You see dangers in toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, sunscreens, playdough, glues, fingerpaints…. because you know that all of these contain one or more of our children’s life threatening food allergies
  • You are in awe of the compassion your children have
  • You know your children have "old souls" because they understand too much

  • You feel a little pride that your little ones are happily gobbling up sweet potatoes, broccoli, and cucumbers for dinner while other children are whining about not getting chicken nuggets for the night (is that one just me?)
  • You feel a little twinge of jealousy as you watch the other child safely eat those unhealthy chicken nuggets
  • You are blessed with a tight knit community of fellow allergy families around the globe- and you genuinely love these families & pray for their children!
  • You cry for weeks over another child who lost their life to a food allergy and you grieve for their parents and siblings.
  • You get hurt that when you talk about this child or post about it on Facebook that most people do not comment and you wonder if anyone else hears your pleas to help
  • You understand that it really does take a village to raise a child 
  • You really feel appreciative when people remember your children's needs and go above and beyond to help them.
  • You go to bed every night thankful that God kept them safe another day, pray for their health tomorrow, and the wisdom of those around them
  • You know to appreciate every day and love with all your heart


  1. Oh my goodness, I so relate to every word. And yes...I have some healthy pride that our boys understand the importance of eating nutritious foods rather than fast foods. Simply because we do not have that "freedom" of drive-thru menus. One of my favorites is the one about being blessed with a food allergy community of families from around the world...who share a supportive bond. And I also pray for us all! Thank you for writing this and for your blog. My eyes got a tad bit leaky...but it spoke to my heart in a good way.

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words! I hate the reasons - food allergies, asthma, immunocomprimised little miracles- that this little allergy world of ours is so united and a genuine extended family...but I am so grateful to have you all in my life! Thank you so much for letting me knowmy little blog matters. Hugs to you!