Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Little Monkey's New OT!!!

Today was a very good day for Bee.  We started with a new OT (occupational therapist) today.  I feel like I have been screaming from the rooftops that my beautiful little one is suffering from a neuro sensory disorder.  My husband and I both have been advocating with his past OT.  Pretty much, they dismissed us.  The did say, they saw from the questionnaire we answered there were concerns, but since they did not see these issues during the two 30 minute sessions a week, they would not address them at this time.  We had his teacher, his speech therapist, and one other person part of his medical team write concerns on our behalf.  I finally called around and made a change.

I do not know why I did not do this before.  Honestly, I cannot answer the reason we tried to make it work.  In retrospect, it was quite empowering to say, "this is what is best for my child and I am going to ensure his needs are met". Well, we did not really say it.  What's the point of hurting feelings?  But, in my heart, this is what mt actions said.

Change, even when wanted and good change, is intimidating.  Perhaps the reason we waited?  So, after waiting over 3 months for a slot, we had our evaluation.  She confirmed our thoughts, the thoughts of speech therapy, the thoughts of nurses, many, many physicians on our medical team, and our little guys teacher. 

She brushed him today.  My husband said she let him feel what it was like.  He said he had to rub his hands for almost a full 30 seconds to a minute to ease the over stimulation it caused for his hands.  But, Bee???  "B" just laid there and relaxed like he was having a massage at the spa.  It did not phase him at all.  The OT said that it is a clear sign that he has sensory issues.

(please do not start randomly brushing your loved ones and diagnosing... my explanation of therapy is rough at best!!!  Smile.)

Let me just tell you though... as a parent, today I celebrate!  We stood firm on our understanding of our child's needs.  We advocated.  We searched for support. And we were able to make a difference for our little guy.  I HONESTLY feel this is they key to unlocking a lot of "firsts" for our sweet busy Bee.

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