Monday, December 31, 2012

As this year closes and I reflect upon the year of 2012 I cannot help but, feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

January of 2012
Mommy is learning to let go & let him explore this ant infested world.

We moved to a big boy bed this year and out of his baby crib.

February of 2012
My little GQ baby

My little butterfly "niece"learned to spread her wings and fly. We see her still, but not near as often.  It is the way it is supposed to be as they become young adults, doesn't mean we don't miss her being around all the time.  It was like having a third child.
Bee began to explore the world orally, an important milestone of development

 March of 2012
Brotherly Love

Our big boy lost his two front teeth

April of 2012
 This might be my most favorite picture of the year!

Our "three kids" enjoying a wonderful day at the park

In 2012 we tried new things....

learned new things.....

and remembered to look up and thank God for all our blessing, like new words spoken, a day with no epi pens, family, friends, and love.

May of 2012
 Bee made it through surgery well,
and then started his first day of school!  A hard month for mommy & daddy!!!

June of 2012

Our oldest "baby" started Kindergarten & we began our journey of homeschooling...
and he graduated Kindergarten. (Tears of pride!)
His graduation cupcake, cute little owl sculpted with so much love by Mommy.
July of 2012
I love how our little one looks up to his big brother
Daddy & B's little feet
August of 2012
Our little guy started preschool again after a summer break... oh such a busy "B"!!!
Our big boy started to play with language more.  Can't you see his "watchdog"?

September or 2012
Our budding artist
 Our little one watched  "Finding Nemo" in 3D for the first time.  The young man behind the counter that literally ran around the back searching for ingredients and upon learning your popcorn was not safe, you searched for other safe alternatives and then placed it in a cute  kids carry container so it looked like his older brothers- you, made a difference in our year.  Thank you!

  October of 2012
How to Train a Dragon costumes inspired by our oldest's imagination and hand sewn and created by Mommy.  This is our son "Toothless".
Two days before Halloween, I had them try on their costumes.  Toothless ran around and spread his wings a flew.  I had made my little "B" into Hiccup, the dragon trainer.  "B" cried.  After getting him to calm down I asked him to use his words to tell me what he wanted.  He opened his arms and flew around the house.  Then he pointed to his brothers costume.  I said, you want to be a dragon too!!!?  He said, "Yes!" and then signed please.  So, I quickly hemmed some old pajamas to fit his much tinier frame and then created a hat.  A happy flying dragon!  I am so thankful he had the patience and know-how to tell me what he wanted.  I love these blossoming opinions!

November of 2012
 This was such a fun night, I cannot remember what we were laughing about, just that we were laughing from the depths of our souls!  You never know when a special moment will appear out of the blue!

December of 2012

This was such a fun and sweet night.  It was a wonderful way to close the year!  My ENTIRE family was together for an impromptu dinner.  Less than 24 hours notice and somehow 32 of us were all able to gather in the same space for dinner!

The boys ended this month by being sick, but sweetly snuggling while watching TV.  We are so blessed!

.... and a few more just 'cause!


HAPPY New Year! May this year bring health, happiness, love, & the sweetest memories yet! May it also bring knowledge of allergies to those close to you, a strong desire for everyone in your lives to support your family's special needs, all family & friends competent skills with the epi pen, & never an occasion to need it!


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