Monday, December 17, 2012

"She Must Think We Are Pretty Special"

Every once in a blue moon, someone gets it.  It is so rare and amazing that right before my eyes, these wonderful caring beings show me just a glimpse of angel wings and a halo.  This beautiful rarity just happened to us the other day.  This wonderful person gave my little one something that would be seemingly small to others, but it was obviously huge for our little B. 

We went to a Christmas party.  Yes, we had epi pens, benedryl, safe snacks, and a little parental anxiety to bring along.  We had it all covered.  Then people began to pass out those beautiful, colorful treats.  One of the adults walked around giving out little Christmas gifts for the older children.  When she got to my little ones, she pulled out non-edible treats for both of them.  Our oldest child smiled a thankful and shy smile and quietly said "Mommy, that was really thoughtful wasn't it!?"  My little one that struggles to communicate spoke volumes.  He stopped everything and looked at his new found treasure, a coloring book, like it was the most wondrous thing in the world.  His eyes got as big as saucers and he shyly hugged this beautiful angel giving him the most amazing sweetness in the world! 

It meant to much to him!  He came home and would not put down his new found treasure.  He even went to bed holding it.

The kindheartedness did not escape our oldest little man either!  He woke up and immediately asked to color in it.  Then when he held up his masterpiece he said, "You know, that was very kind of Ms. ____ to give to us.  She did not have to remember that we cannot share treats with other people.  She must think we are pretty special!"

I am beyond thankful! To most children, they are coloring books.  To our children with food allergies, it was a thoughtful gift that showed them they are important and worth that extra moment of thoughtfulness.

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