Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Flu Shot with EGGS?

The boys are sick- again... or is it still?  They seemed to be better for a whole 3 days and then last night they both had a low grade fever, stuffy noses, sore throats, cranky, and lethargic.  How frustrating for them!  It really does break my heart to see them feeling sick and having chronic colds/ sore throats/ respiratory issues.

This years flu and cold season seems to be pretty bad.  I know of several individuals that have been hospitalized this year from the severity of it already.  Understandably, due to the boys frequency of being sick and seemingly chronically compromised immune system (my oldest especially) I am afraid the boys will get the flu and as always the illness will cycle through each family member over an extended period of 5 to 6 weeks. I really just want a healthy and uneventful flu season.  So get the flu shot right?  Did you know that the flu shots are created in the yolk of a chicken egg and that each shot has a minuscule amount of egg protein in it?  You of course remember our boys' life threatening allergy to eggs, right?  Therein lies the dilemma. 

But, don't fret!

After weighing the pros and cons we decided we will get them flu shots based upon our own research and our physician's and allergist and pulminologist's advise.  Luckily, as the population of educated physicians understanding food allergies grow and more medical studies are completed, it does seem to be a safe and wise decision for children with anaphylatic egg allergies to be able to get the flu shots.  So we are scheduled for later on in the week to get it done.

Despite all research and knowledge, I admit I will let out a sigh of relief once I know they are both safe after the shot..... and then I will pray for a prolonged period of health!!!

Our sleeping, sick boys

I just wanted to add an update to this post:  The children had their flu shots.  The doctor wheeled in emergency equipment closeby and laid out epi pens for the possibility of an emergency.  Thankfully, it was not necessary and they both did wonderfully!  They did not even get a little rash near the shot site. They go in after a month to get their second shot.
We researched this very in depth. I encourage you to do your own research as well as I do not want to taint your thoughts about doing so for your family. Please type in "flu shot eggs 2012" and learn about the recent studies. 
In the past, the allergists would give a minimal amount of the shot over hours at a time.  Now however, research shows that a miniscule amount given over a prolonged period is no different that all of the flu shot given at once.  Again, research it.  Ask your pediatrician, allergist, pulmonologists, etc.  Let us know how you did here at Busy Bees Allergies, so we can help even more parents make informed decisions for their babies.

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