Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blessed Defiance!!!

Our busy "B" usually just gives us one word answers with a little babbling attached. Sometimes, he will just copy the last word we ask. For example do you want A or B?  The answer will be B because it is the last thing we ask.  To clarify I will always ask again, tell me one more time.  Do you want B or A.  Sometimes he will really answer B again and other times I will tell me A because he is just copying me.  I know during those moments he is not clearly understanding the question- yet.   On those questions I usually will produce pictures for him to touch or show him the actual choices.

Oh, how I long for conversations to understand his hopes and dreams, his fears, his wants... 

Yesterday, there was a wonderful little moment that I am so excited to share.  No, he was not able to express his innermost hopes and dreams but, he was able to be a little defiant.

Big smile here! A very happy mama!  Bee was completely stubborn!  How completely normal!    Sweet defiance! This is an example of the conversation:

Me: " Baby are you ready to go to bed?"
Bee: "No!"
Me: "you'll need to go soon" in my best sting songy voice.
Bee (emphatically): "No, I don't!"
Me: (with a little more firmness in my voice) "Yes, baby. You're going to bed in 2 minutes"
Bee: "No"
Bee about 30 seconds later as I walked by: "I not!"  (in his best sing songy voice)

YES!!!  Blissful words that are allowing completely "normal" behaviors and allowing him to be self-willed. 

Praying for more and more moments like this!!!

Hard to believe this cutie can be unrelenting isn't it!?!


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