Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another Generation Comforted by Potato Soup

As I said yesterday, we've been really sick around here! The kids and I have upper respiratory, sinus infections, ear infections, and fevers that have exacerbated our asthma.  My wonderful mom brought us potato soup.  It is the recipe I ate every time I was sick as a child and I am so thankful, my children will share in this comforting memory as well. Believe it or not it is safe for all of us!

5 lb bag of russet potatoes
2 large yellow onions
beef broth (optional)

Directions: Peel and cut a 5 pound bag of potatoes and mince 2 large onions.  Add the 5 pounds of potatoes and minced onions to the pot with enough water to cover the tops.  Add salt and pepper to taste. Boil until potatoes are tender.  Using an old fashioned hand masher, mash the potatoes to desired soup consistency. I like mine to have smaller lumps as I usually request this when I have a sore throat.  If it is too thick for a comforting soup, just add more water or use safe beef broth if desired to get the thin consistency desired.  When reheating, I always add a little beef broth to get it thin again.

It is so very simple to make and requires so few ingredients.  But, to me it tastes like "home" and "nurturing" and "the road to recovery!"

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