Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We've Been SICK Around Here

Our oldest little one got sick 4 weeks ago.  Then my Honey the next week.  As our big boy finished up his antibiotics, I got sick and began prescription medications.  And then, sure enough, as Honey finished his, Little Bee needed to start medications as well.  Then each of us followed the same pattern- four days after completing the antibiotics we got sick, not just sick, but SICK!  Sore throat, fever, respiratory issues, sinus pressures, headache, general malaise and ear infections.  So, we all needed antibiotics again.

We have bleached everything.  Sprayed Lysol everywhere.  Changed sheets. Changed toothbrushes. Cleaned air filters. Vacuumed. Swept. Mopped. And I am praying that we are all on the upswing of things.  B and I were the last two to get sick, so we both are feeling somewhat lousy still.  Our big boy has been feeling better for a whole week, then he woke this morning with a barking cough.  Sigh.  I just want us all to feel healthy again!  I am not sure what else I can do to make this happen!

Our oldest honestly has become the world's pickiest eater and is being a typical child now that his only food limitation is anaphylaxis to eggs.  He is able to eat Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas and McDonald's hamburgers.  I HATE that he eats all that junk!!! I know it is "normal", convenient, and typical of children his age.  I LOVE that he is not as limited as he used to be!  But, I miss being able to feed him sweet potatoes and bananas for lunch and have that be his favorite food before he was introduced to these less healthy alternatives.  Perhaps it is because I have always struggled with being healthy and with my weight that I am more concerned with healthier eating habits. 

We have tried so many times to get our big boy tested for celiac disease... but I seem unable to get him healthy enough to do so! He has been stuck 4 times, but they have missed.  So, we will try again as soon as I we can.  I am also just learning about something called Oral Allergy Syndrome. With his severe level of environmental allergies (it is the same scale as food allergies 1-5; he tested a 4 on most of them, the others were 3.  On the food allergy scale, that would be considered an anaphylatic allergy).  Perhaps this also has something to do with his chronic illnesses and severe asthma?  I realize I am grasping at straws!  But, I desperately want my him to be healthy. I would love to find an answer!  I am also tired of the domino effect it seems to have with the rest of us.

I hope this holiday season finds you all very happy and your healthiest one yet!

Horrible picture!  Shows just how sick we are!!!

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