Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Most Beautiful Word!

Big Day for My Busy Bee.... and Mommy!

"B" struggles with speech and language.  He had the tumor in his mouth that was infected with MRSA resulting in a palette and gum surgery and he was deaf for a confirmed 12 months.  He also has hypotonia (low muscle tone throughout his body including his facial/ mouth muscles).  He also has a tooth that grew on the roof of his mouth from his surgery when he was teeny tiny.  And, I cannot forget that he is my preemie baby.  All of these things have resulted in a significant language delay.

Our little guy has grown in language acquisition over the last year and a half.  He is still very delayed but progress, often very slow progress, is an appreciated blessing.  Hearing new words from your child's mouth makes every parent feel proud and excited.  Every milestone of a child should be celebrated. Sadly, after the first 100 words or so most parents take it for granted.  I'm pretty sure I was guilty of this with my oldest!

Bee has made me appreciate everything, even things that are seemingly small.  I love watching him accomplish something that he has worked so hard to achieve.  I love the light in his eyes when he understands something new. 

But last night, was a night that was very special to me.  This is a moment that I will forever remember and hold dear to my heart.  My little man greeted me at the door with open arms and very clearly exclaimed, "Mommy!"  Is there a more beautiful word to a mommy's ears?  Being a mommy is such a miraculous gift.

My eyes filled instantly with tears and I held him close.  He must have known it was a pretty special moment too because he let me hold him close and snuggle him a few extra moments before he ran off to play.

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