Monday, May 27, 2013

Way to Go Disney!!!

We have gotten used to packing foods for every single meal and snack our boys eat when we travel anywhere.  In order to go out for an all day trip it takes a our large diaper bag that is filled with all of our medical supplies/medicines/epipens, diapers, bibs, wipes, safe snacks for each child and Mommy.  Then we have a large flat cooler that fits under our stroller that is filled with 3 meals for each boy and cold snacks for the three of us.  We have a third cooler packed to the brim with safe drinks for the children.  Due to the fact that our littlest one has drooling issues from his low tone and reflux (and LOVES dirt) we always need to travel with two extra shirts and a pair of shorts.

My hubby's dad took us to Disney this weekend.  We packed everything up and then...

Our first day in the Magic Kingdom we went to the Starlight Cafe'.  We brought our little boys lunches like always... but found out that we really did not need to.  They were able to accommodate BOTH the boys and mommy!!!  My littlest one and I both ate bacon hamburgers with tapioca buns that are toasted. (Udi bread was available but since my little one cannot eat eggs it is not a choice for us). We were able to use safe barbecue sauce on the burgers (although ketchup and mustard were available).  I was able to get lettuce and onion on mine as well.  We also were able to eat french fries made in a designated fryer!!!  The manager offered us grapes, applesauce, jello, or Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip cookies as a safe side for our kids meals.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit I actually hugged this manager and gushed over how much it meant to me that they offer so many choices to children like mine. (I wish I was able to capture more pictures, but honestly my phone would not stay charged this weekend. Praying it is just needs a new battery!)

The next day we went to Epcot. I felt it was a little more limited eating at The Land, but they were still so willing to ensure our safety and our children a meal they would enjoy.  I cannot say enough complimentary things about the Chef's knowledge of each safe food choice and every ingredient in each dish!  He was amazing and I felt confident in his ability to keep us safe.  He even offered to create a safe pizza on pita bread for my oldest little one as he said the other breads all contained or were processed in a facility with eggs.  The same safe sides offered at the Magic Kingdom were offered here as well.

This (see picture below) was found in The Land at Epcot!!!  WAY TO GO DISNEY!!!  Inside this tray is an array of yummy, worry free treats: Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies (the crunchy ones), Enjoy Life chocolate brownie cookies, Enjoy Life Cocoa Boom Bars, Gluten Free and Sugar Free Brownies (another brand- I do not know which brand), fruity gummy bears, and Carmel popcorn. I was amazed! My hubby seemed pretty amazed too because he took the picture without prompting!!!

Sigh a little sigh of relief allergy parents!

Then, I learned that Downtown Disney is holding a hidden gem!  Babycakes is located there!!!  Let me explain that Babycakes is an amazing bakery that caters to people with food allergies/intolerance and celiac disease.  My little boys could walk into this bakery and literally eat ANYTHING their heart desired!!!  It was an amazing.  Sadly, we went there earlier in the evening and they had every baked treat your deprived palette could desire!  We talked about every yummy desert we planned on eating during dinner... but when we returned to after our dinner, almost every delectable treat was gone.  We were able to buy 6 cupcakes- 3 chocolate brownie cupcakes and 3 blondies (vanilla cake with vanilla frosting).  The chocolate brownie cupcake was my little one and I's favorite treat. The blondie was my oldest favorite. Every. Bite. Was. Heaven!!!  These were the best cupcakes I have eaten (sadly, including my own creations!) since I have been gluten free.  This was the icing on the cake (yup- pun intended!) 



Here are a few more pictures of our adventures!  Thanks Papa for helping us create such amazing memories!

Monkey see.....

Monkey do!

Our nephew, our oldest, and our littlest guy

The momorail!

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