Friday, November 23, 2012

Asthma Again

Yesterday was a beautiful day with perfect weather, lots of cousins running around, and consequently a lot of outside time.  My honey and I questioned the children, okay really our oldest baby, being outside for such a prolonged time.  The children were laughing and playing and running around making powerful memories of the happiness and freedom of childhood. 

So despite the emotional desire to rip the children out of the yard and into the house where I knew we could avoid (possibly) the asthma issues in which we are now dealing with today.  I justified it- he's already on antibiotics.  We've been doing asthma medications around the clock, drinking hot teas, doing everything we can so he should be ok.  I walked the whole yard, foot in front of the other as if measuring the yard, to ensure every square inch was searched looking for ant mounds. I knew that even if I pulled him inside, no other parent would have to yank their babies from the fun and perfect sunny, cool day.  So, we let them play and play and ...PLAY! 

Today we are again on every:
4 hour nebulizer treatments
Hot tea regimens
Hot showers
Vics vapor rub
Humidifiers (despite some doctors opposing humidifiers, for our oldest baby it is a necessary evil)
Saline solution in his nebulizer
and the dreaded decision to start steroids- again

..... all because we allowed him the normalcy of a day playing in the cool fall weather.  He has not complained once.  He has kissed my cheeks and thanked me for the "best tea".  He has just laid around really not doing much, except for tell us he thinks that Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays.


Oh... and all you allergy mama and daddy's out there will appreciate this one- the boys really did not want to sit down and eat anything, they wanted to PLAY.  So, all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into planning safe foods.... well, it was thoroughly enjoyed TODAY- the day AFTER Thanksgiving.  Smile.

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