Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Ok That I Have Asthma!

The wisdom of a 6 year old is amazing sometimes. He really does blow me away with his insight and the simplicity of his wise words. He was blowing his nose for the umpteenth time and we were putting his medication in his nebulizer yet again and  I said, "Sweetheart, I am so sorry you have asthma." He looked at me like I had sprouted three heads. He said, "Don't be sorry mommy. I am not! This allows you and me a lot of bonding time. You and Daddy make me a lot of hot teas. You both sit with me and have read me so many stories. We have laughed over many movies together snuggling on the couch. I do not like that I get sick a lot- I hate it. But I love that we get to share so many special times and a lot of love when it happens. " I just smiled and said, "I do love every moment with you" and inside I was bursting with pride. I was so proud of his positive mindset. I had never, ever thought of it from that perspective. I still wish he did not have asthma!!! But he is right, we do share a lot of snuggle time nursing our kids back to health that might be lost in the otherwise hustle and bustle of things.
So then we played a little game. I said, "you know what, lets play a game of what we are grateful for... things that most people would look at as a sad thing. You are teaching mommy a wonderful lesson today." Here are some of the one's we came up with.
1. We are grateful for food allergies as it forces us to look at what we put in our bodies and helps us make healthier choices. (admittedly mine... he would like pizza or bread morning, noon, and night!)
2. We are grateful for fire ants because they keep our ecosystem balanced. (That's Steven's- I must admit the crazy, protective mother in me says they should just be extinct!)
3. We are grateful for having medical issues that while potentially life threatening allow us to experience being healthy most of the time. (Thank you so much Lord!)
4. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing nurses, doctors, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and teachers that try very hard to help our children's needs. Our lives are richer because each one of them is in it.
5. We are glad for the continuous fight to make people understand the severity of anaphylatic allergies as it keeps us educated (ok, that one is mine... and I would not be upset if we could fight a little less!)
6. We are grateful for shared opportunities to snuggle on the couch while sitting still for our nebulizer treatments.
7. We are grateful for B's nightly therapy as it makes us focus solely on his little face and he gazes at ours so sweetly. Often times it is a precious and innocent shared time, while other times we break into hysterical laughter trying to make funny faces to stretch those mouth and tongue muscles.
8. We are grateful for food allergies because Daddy has learned to be an amazing chef in order to allow us to eat yummy foods still and it makes us feel so loved.
9. We are grateful for food allergies because it has allowed us to help other families with food allergies and then they do not feel alone.
The last one made me tear up (ok, I am tearing up again just thinking of it):
10. I am grateful my baby brother does not talk well because it has made him a good listener and I can tell him all my secrets and he always loves me after I tell him with a tight hug or by wrestling with me.  It's his way of saying that everything is alright."
And tonight, my innocent child reminded me to take a deep breath and just be thankful for where we are at this moment. 

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