Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

I am so grateful that when the children's asthma is severe they can take steroids and puff on their inhalers every 4 hours as needed- which is well, every 4 hours sadly. I know it has helped them recover from asthma faster. I am thankful (that is an understatement) it allows them more air in their lungs. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate modern medicine's ability to literally keep my babies alive.

Yes, here comes the but,....

But, it seems to make them both a little crazy. Yup, just a little crazy. Wow! I had one crying and running to his room in tears over everything tonight. I mean full hysteria. Everything was a catastrophe. Then, a few minutes later getting angry about something very trivial. The other one was bouncing off the walls and climbing everything he could and completely defiant. I am honestly not complaining, but my heart goes out to them. I can see them sincerely trying to keep in control, and well, failing miserably.

Sadly, they are not alone! I am normally a sweet, southern girl but, when I take these medications I actually can be, what's the word, um, ... intolerant. I know it has a warning on the label. I know this is not all in our heads. I am wondering if you have also experienced the ups and downs, tears, bouncing around, anger, hysteria.... craziness too?

Watching TV ever so sweetly.... the calm before the next storm today. 


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